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Our Ethics Management

For a sustainable business, Daiso A-sung. Corp, based on society's ethic expectation, is developing a company structure that stands on rightful ways, fair competition, and outstanding skills between our customers, between our employees, between employees and our company, and employees and other people concerned. Daiso A-sung. Corp. had a "2008 Ethical Management Proclamation Ceremony" in February, 2008 and proclaimed to do transparent business with our customers and cooperating businesses.

Promise with Customers

  • Daiso A-sung.Corp always puts our customers first.
  • Promises made with customers comes before any other tasks.
  • Daiso A-sung.Corp actively accomodates any reasonable demands or opinion made by customers.
  • When there are any customer complaints, Daiso A-sung.Corp will sincerely apologize and promptly make things right.
  • Daiso A-sung.Corp actively accomodates any reasonable demands or opinion made by customers.
  • Daiso A-sung.Corp never discharges customer's information in any way.
  • Daiso A-sung.Corp does not give customer's private information or online transaction to anyone unless it is
  • permitted according to the related legislation or guidelines.
  • Daiso A-sung.Corp does not use other people's names or passwords to access company's computing system and get customer's information.
  • Daiso A-sung.Corp does not leave documents or screens with customer's information for others to see.
  • Daiso A-sung.Corp does not obtain money, valuables, or facilities from customers or cooperating companies
  • Daiso A-sung.Corp does not obtain, encourage, or overlook the act of recieving money, valuables, or facilities from cooperating companies.
  • If one received any of these against their will and has difficulties returning them, we have them turned in to the general affairs department in five days after receiving them