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Overview of Daiso

Founded in 1992, Daiso A-sung corp
has launched Korea's first uniform
price livingware brand.

As a distribution company, our company
collaborated with Japan's best 100 Yenshop,
daiso Corporation, and has lead the country's
dollar shop market for 12 years.
Daiso A-sung. Corp launched its first brand,
Asco Even Plaza in 1997, and has grown
rapidly every year.

Now, in the year of 2009, it has over 500 Daiso stores across the country and have set 330 billion won as the annual sales goal. Shares of Daiso A-sung.Corp in this market is an over whelming 60% and has strengthened its position as Korea's representing uniform price circulation enterprise. Daiso A-sung. Corp's competitiveness comes from our capability to thoroughly plan and supply its products.

Jung Bu Park, founder of Daiso A-sung.Corp, has gained his know-how of developing uniform price livingware while delivering Daiso Corporation's products for 20 years. And with this knowledge, he launched over two million variety of products. Even more, his standard for a product sold at his stores is something that worth at least twice more than its price.
Daiso A-sung.Corp will not be content at our current position as the leading company of the field but our vision is to become a model logistics company and to contribute to consumer's better quality of life. To achieve this goal, all of Daiso A-sung.Corp's employees at the logistics center, stores, and offices with the value of 'A New Start for the Customers' are putting in our best efforts.

Daiso with you always.

We are your living partner providing livingware that stands up to both good quality and reasonable price. As we go around countries to seek for new values to send through Daiso's sense and hidden treasures, our effort meets the customers' sense to recognize what it is worth and creates a special living value. We create sensible difference in your life, and as you join us, even the smallest values will shine.

  • History
  • Business Status
  • Logistics center
  • 1992 Established Asung Industries.
  • 1997 Launched Korea's first uniform price livingware brand, Asco Even Plaza.
  • 1997 Completion of logistics center in Hwa-sung. (Approx.178000ft2)
  • 2001 More than 100 stores launched in Korea.
    Asung Industries collaborate with Japanese "Daiso Corporation."
  • 2003 More than 200 stores launched in Korea.
    Completion of logistics center in Yong-in.(Approx.249000ft2)
    Relocation of headquarters and logistics center.
  • 2004 Exceeded 1 million kinds of products.
  • 2005 More than 300 stores launched in Korea.
    Exceeded 1 million kinds of products.
  • 2006 Annual sales exceeded 105 billion won.
  • 2007 Awarded "Brand of the Year“
    Annual sales exceeded 157 billion won.
  • 2008 More than 400 stores launched in Korea.
    Awarded "Brand of the Year“
  • 2009 More than 500 stores launched in Korea.
    Awarded Letter of Commendation by the
    Prime Minister (on the 14h Korean
    Distribution Award)