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Overview of Daiso

Established in 1992, Daiso Asung Corp.
launched Korea’s first ever
uniform-price household item brand.

Since then, we have led the nation’s uniform-price
market in collaboration with Japan’s
best 100 yen shop, Daiso Corporation.
Upon launching its first brand Asco Even Plaza in
1997, Daiso Asung Corp. has grown at the incredible
speed every year. As of spring, 2014, Daiso Asung
retains over 950 shops nationwide with the
unprecedented annual sales record of 90 billion Korean Won in 2013.

Daiso Asung currently holds a 60% share in the market , and its competitive strength stems from the exceptional planning capability and efficient supply system.

Jungbu Park, founder and Chairman of Daiso Asung Corp. firmly believes in product variety, which brings great satisfaction and fun to customers, and value for price, which serves as an important yardstick to a company’s success. His business philosophy has been gained and cultivated throughout his over 20 years’ experience with sourcing and exporting household items. In particular, he always emphasizes, “any product must have at least twice greater value than its price.”

Daiso Asung’s ultimate business goal is to enhance the quality of consumers’ life to the maximum. To do so, Daiso Asung always does its best with the corporate vision of becoming “the number 1 Life Culture Corporation” by 2020.

Daiso will always be with you.

We are a living partner providing household items of great quality at the reasonable price. As Daiso Asung makes constant efforts to seek new lifestyle values and products for our prospects as well as customers, we always meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

  • History
  • Business Status
  • Logistics center
  • 1992 Established Asung Industries.
  • 1997 Launched Korea's first uniform price livingware brand, Asco Even Plaza.
  • 1997 Completion of logistics center in Hwa-sung. (Approx.178000ft2)
  • 2001 More than 100 stores launched in Korea.
    Asung Industries collaborate with Japanese "Daiso Corporation."
  • 2003 More than 200 stores launched in Korea.
    Completion of logistics center in Yong-in.(Approx.249000ft2)
    Relocation of headquarters and logistics center.
  • 2004 Exceeded 1 million kinds of products.
  • 2005 More than 300 stores launched in Korea.
    Exceeded 1 million kinds of products.
  • 2006 Annual sales exceeded 105 billion won.
  • 2007 Awarded "Brand of the Year“
    Annual sales exceeded 157 billion won.
  • 2008 More than 400 stores launched in Korea.
    Awarded "Brand of the Year“
  • 2009 More than 500 stores launched in Korea.
    Awarded Letter of Commendation by the
    Prime Minister (on the 14h Korean
    Distribution Award)